Assessment Clinic For Horse Owners/Trainers/Professionals

IMG_3397_smallLearn to look, see and understand the posture of your horse!

The information that will be shared with you in this clinic is based on and supported by facts, not opinion.

Fact:  Anatomical Function (every body part has a function)

Fact:  Balance (every object has a balance point)

Fact:  Gravity (is always pulling toward earth)

When you learn to apply these concepts to 3 components of the horse, which include:DSC02361_small

  • Temporal Madibular Joint (TMJ) – Jaw
  • Musculoskeletal System – Muscles & Joints
  • Hooves – Feet (foundation)

In this clinic I will teach you how to look at and see the imbalances in horses that you observe everyday.  You will learn to assess the tempromandibular joint for balance and function.  Also on the agenda is looking at the feet (hooves) and understanding why they have the growth patterns that they do.  There will be an assessment on how to read a horse’s physical abilities and how muscular imbalance can affect those abilities.

In short, I will teach you to view a horse’s body as you never observed it before.  I have instructed many people and every one of them said the same thing in the end:  “I will never look at a horse the same way again.”

IMG_3192_smallAt Your Facility

You may host a clinic at your facility (inquire about host benefit).  Same rules apply as to participants.  If out of town travel is required, then a full six participants must be scheduled.

  • Clinic fee is $1500 (up to 6 participants).
  • Auditing fee is $125.
  • Registration will be confirmed on a first come, first serve basis as to deposit received. Fee for participants is to be paid in full 4 weeks prior to clinic date to secure your space.
  • All deposits/payments are non-refundable unless you find someone to fill your spot.
  • Clinic fee does not include overnight stabling of your horse or arena fee, if any. Stabling and arena fees are established separately by host facility.  Please contact the facility directly to secure your stalling space for the clinic should you require it.
  • Only the host of the clinic may audit for free. No other person may participate free of charge.
  • Travel charges are not included for out of town/state clinics. Travel fees to East Coast – $1000, Midwest – $750, West Coast – $500 (travel fees do not apply for clinics hosted at my facility). This DOES NOT include airfare or accommodations. All expenses are to be divided among participants/auditors.

For further information Dino’s clinics, training programs, any product information, or if you are interested in hosting a clinic, please contact 818-254-5330.