1-Day Clinic – Assessment Clinic For Horse Owners/Trainers/Professionals

IMG_3397_smallLearn to LOOK, SEE and UNDERSTAND the Posture of your Horse!

The information that will be shared with you in this NO HANDS ON Lecture is based on FACTS, not OPINION.

Fact:  Anatomical Function (every body part has a specific function)

Fact:  Balance (every object has a balance point)

Fact:  Gravity (the universal force that pulls everything towards the ground)

In this 1-Day clinic (approximately 6 hours) I will teach you how to Look at, See and Understand the imbalances in the horse you may already see and feel during riding.

You will learn how to READ a horse’s physical abilities/inabilities and how muscular imbalances can, and do, affect their Posture and Performance. 

Also on the agenda is looking at feet (hooves) and understanding why they have the growth patterns that they do (All depends on how they weight bear).

In short, I will teach you to view a Horse’s body as you have never observed it before. 

I have instructed many people and each one has said the same thing in the end:  “I will never look at a Horse’s body the same way again!”


  • Clinic fee is $175 per participant (min. 6 participants) Introductory Price
  • Registration and deposit/payment must be confirmed 1 week prior to scheduled date to secure a space
  • Deposit/Payment is Non Refundable
  • Travel charges may apply for distant travel (outside 100 miles from 92860 zip code)

If you are interested in hosting a clinic at your facility please call (909)721-1054

1-Day HANDS ON Follow Up Clinic

A Follow Up Clinic is also available for those who have interest in learning how to RESTORE balance using some simple STRETCH and STRENGTHEN TECHNIQUES, REFLEX POINTS and RIDING EXERCISES

  • Same rules apply as above (min. 6 participants) Cost $175 per participant
  • 1 week prior confirmation with Non Refundable payment