Equine-Do (The Way of the Horse) written by Dino Fretterd, EBW Book – Special Introductory Price!

"Equine~Do" by Dino Fretterd

The definite purpose of this book is to share information and knowledge (based on facts and not opinion) with all those who love horses and want to understand not only how to see postural faults that compromise comfort and performance, but also have a desire to make the necessary changes to better them. I will reference some of the common problems you may be experiencing with your horses therefore allowing you to have a better understanding of where the issues may be coming from. A better understanding is a more educated horse owner, and a more educated horse owner saves money.

Special Introductory Price: Softcover Book – $24.99/eBook – $3.99 (Contact Dino for International shipping quote at dinosbest@aol.com)

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maxiscratcher2The Maxi Scratcher

Be a horse’s BEST buddy and mimic what horses love best, being groomed by another horse, by using the Maxi Scratcher in your own hand! Based on equine behavior, the Maxi Scratcher is anatomically designed from the horse’s maxilla bone from where the incisors grow and is designed for maximum effect with minimal effort. It is made of durable plastic and bonded with rubber to ensure a comfortable grip. Created by Equine Bodywork Specialist, Dino Fretterd, it’s the Best Equine Scratching Tool.

“Dino, thank you for the Maxi Scratcher. My horses love it, and particularly my older heel horse. She has always shown tightness and soreness unilaterally in her brachiocephalicus muscles. When I trace that muscle down its length it will spasm. As I continue to palpate, the spasm will lessen until it stops. At this point there is a noticeable softness to the muscle and the mare. I repeat this for about 15 minutes 3 times a week and it seems to have an effect on this mare’s ability with consistency in collection and leaving the box flatter and with more power. Thanks Dino.”

Mike Fragale, Certified Equine Dentist

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“Not only are the horses on our farm stoked about Dino’s Maxi Scratcher, all the dogs love it too! Of course, the design is super cute (looks like the top half of a horse’s jaw) but it’s ergonomically comfy – fits both my small hand well and my husband can use it easily too! I kind of just mimicked the horse with how I use the tool, in short strokes, being careful not to press on bony areas but focus on itchy backs and sore muscles. What a perfect addition to every tack room and great gift for every horse lover! P.S. Don’t tell anyone but I cleaned it off and used it on my husband too, and he loved it! The 2010 version of the old Chinese back scratcher?!?”

Kimmi Long, excerpt from California Riding Magazine


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Octa in motionThe Octassager Multi-Purpose Massage Tool

Dino has invented a unique massage tool called the Octassager. The Octassager has eight individual heads that provide that “Oh, that feels good feeling” sensation for people and horses (dogs too!). It’s unique design enables you to give or receive a relaxing massage without fatique or stress on your hand or wrist. It is a wonderful massage tool for people, horses and pets! Colors available in blue, green, purple, black.

“I received my Octassager and Maxi Scratcher yesterday and I just had to tell you how wonderful the Octassager is!! It is the best horse tool I have ever purchased and I have purchased a boat load. I was a bit skeptical when I first took it out of the box. It seemed too large and awkward to me. It didn’t feel comfortable in my hand UNTIL I took it to the barn. Once in the presence of my horse you don’t even think about how you are holding it. It just seems to become part of your hand. My mare LOVES it. I didn’t get tired or sore using it. It made the massage effortless for a, ummm, not so young person who loves her not so young horse!!! My mare has arthritis in her hocks so her back and the semimembranosus, semitendinosus & bicep femoris get pretty sore. This tool works awesome in all of these areas. I was so excited I forgot to try the Maxi Scratcher. Will do that today. Thank you sooo much. I don’t know how you did it, but everyone should own one!!”

Jacqui Smith

We have been using Dino’s best products at our ranch for a few months now. The horses truly do love them! The Octasagger is really a neat item. We have all rescue horses and we use them to work with children who are dealing with conflict and challenges in their lives. Some of our horses are not ridable which means we do a lot of grooming and talking and groundwork with the children and the horses. Dino’s tools come in handy to lengthen a grooming/talking session as the horses love to get groomed with them and the children feel like they are really helping the horses when they use them. We have one rancher who really relishes the Octasagger…he could massage the horses all day! Thank you for the opportunity to try these great products Dino! Keep up the good work!

Alison Boyd, Wings of Hope Ranch, Montpelier VA

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Front-Cover_smallDino’s Posture & Performance DVD Series

A 3-DVD set that will change your life, and the way you view your horse. In this 4-hour DVD set, Dino and his “Whole Horse Team” will show you how the major components of the horse are inter-related, and how by balancing these systems in harmony with one another, your horse will function better, and you’ll see an improved relationship with your horse.

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Dino’s Best PosterDino-logo_small_demo

Decorate your home or office with this beautiful and unique piece of artwork depicting the synergy between horse and human.  Choose from three difference sizes ranging from 8 x 12 inches to 20 x 30 inches.  Posters are shipped rolled and ready to mount in your favorite frame.

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